Spring garden vegetable soup✨

Spring garden vegetable soup✨
Spring garden vegetable soup✨
What’s so amazing about the soup if you can use your favourite local spring veggies.
One pot! 
1L grass-fed basil rose beef broth 
1 tbsp ripe organic cold pressed olive oil✨
1 handful of snap peas or sweet peas 
2 handfuls of chopped carrots 🥕 
3 cups of baby red potatoes cut in half
1 Cup of asparagus
1 cup of French tip green beans
2 medium red onions or a handful of sliced spring onions 
Fresh herbs for garnish: dill , parleys and micro basil 🌿 
-Rinse your veggies
-Cut your vegetables into bite-size pieces
-Fill your soup pot with 6 cups of water bring the water to a boil and add your baby red potatoes in for 10 minutes or until cooked + strain.
-In the same pot the potatoes back in along side the rest of the vegetables.
-Add 1 L of broth to cover the veggies and simmer on medium heat for three minutes.
-Garnish with fresh herbs at the very last second ones plated.. I like to add a healthy drizzle of our organic coldpressed olive oil on top. Delish!
I love to triple this recipe and batch cook it and have it for my week. You can always sub in for whatever your favourite Ripe broth is! Tap to shop ✨
olive oil and sunday farms organic bone broth

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