Ripe Rituals: Wellness is IN for 2022

Ripe Rituals: Wellness is IN for 2022

Wellness is IN for 2022. 

The past two years have been heavy. We’ve been thinking about which wellness routines should really be IN to support the weight many people have been carrying. Think accessible and nourishing. Being gentle with yourself and down-regulating is absolutely the way to go. Have a peak at our top 3 favorite wellness routines for the year!


1. Walking 

Sure, a Barry’s or F45 class really works your body (there’s a time and place for them!). But we think 2022 should be the year of the adrenals, that means slowing down and balancing. Think of the adrenals as tiny, but mighty, stress-regulating glands in your body. When your body and mind are stuck in fight and flight (receiving constant heavy stimulus), the adrenals are super pumping hormones, doing their best to regulate your system. Extreme workouts do a number on these endocrine glands.

How can we help your adrenals so you don’t burnout? Exercises like walking with friends is a great way to get your daily movements in without the intensity of a full blown workout, while also supporting your mind. As we walk, we move lymph, we support our bones, cardiovascular health, immune system, and metabolism. Should we start a walk club?


2. Setting Boundaries

Did you know that you may be doing a lot more good by saying “no”? You heard that right! Setting boundaries with friends, family, coworkers, partners, can support your well-being.  

An interesting perspective that our friends at Psychology Today shared, is that by setting boundaries you're showing up for yourself and respecting yourself. By setting boundaries, you are affirming that you deserve to be selfish sometimes in the name of your mental health - this in turn allows you to be well-acquainted with your mental and emotional thresholds. 

Had a long week at work? A moody couple of days? Not sleeping well? It’s okay to say no to the night out with friends, your body will thank you. It’s 1000% acceptable to carve out low-key you-time, especially as the seasons change. The New Yorker agrees with us.


3. Choosing whole food items 

Fact: per capita sales of Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) were estimated at 275 kg per year in Canada, the fourth highest among 80 countries. UPF include any food or drink product that are industrially made, are largely poorly nutrient dense, and commonly contain a bucketful of additives. Yuck! There have been countless studies conducted that show us how much better it is for our health and wellness to eat whole food items. Whole food items have more nutrients, support our hormones, support our mental health!  

We’ve got to mention, we know this isn’t always accessible to everyone because of income, location, general food literacy… So our advice is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store the best you can, stop into a farmers market if possible, or check in with local initiatives like Community Fridges Toronto.

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Weekend plans? How about slotting in a couple of these tips! Love our suggestions? Shoot us a message on instagram.