'Bark' Bone Broth for Dogs

"Glass jars" are shelf-stable and will explode if frozen. DO NOT FREEZE.

Introducing Bark Broth for your furry friend 🦴

Looking for a way to add some extra nutrition and health benefits to your dog's diet in the best way possible? Pet parents can give their dog a healthy bone broth as a nutrient-packed, delicious addition to a meal or all on its own. 

Bark broth for dogs helps to promote a healthy gut, liver detoxification, joint health, and hydration, all while providing a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. 

  • Joint rejuvenation
  • Healthy gut
  • Digestion support
  • Enhanced hydration 💦
  • Skin & coat health
  • Increased appetite (due to a healthy, optimally-functioning gut)
  • They think that it’s a treat!
  • It makes them finish all of their dry food or kibble
  • They absolutely love it 
  • Remember not to feed our human RIPE broths to your dog as our broths contain onions, garlic and salt which isn’t good for your dogs!


Roasted Organic Chicken Bones | Organic Celery | Organic Carrot | Organic Ginger | Organic Turmeric | Organic Basil | Organic Thyme | Organic Rosemary | Organic Cinnamon Stick

Absolutely no onions, no garlic + no salt!

This broth can be kept on the shelf for 1 year unopened and once opened in the fridge for 1 week.

SOUP PHOTOGRAPHY BY @sssssoupsssss