Zach - acupuncture

I find acupuncture completely fascinating and had the opportunity to work with Zach for acupuncture and it was absolutely incredible. I went to see him a few different times with the goal to help treat my stress, focus and concentration. I cannot believe how relaxing it was. Working with Zach was truly an amazing and unique experience because he really helped to educate me on the history of acupuncture and all of the benefits…Truly fascinating work. I felt completely relaxed after each session and noticed a huge difference.


Zach Olesinski, R.Ac, practices a unique style of Japanese acupuncture developed by Mitsunori Seino. This style incorporates a unique form of abdominal (hara) diagnosis with gentle acupuncture and moxibustion (heat) techniques. His dedication to his craft takes him to Japan every year to continue his training. Zach's diverse clinic experience allows him to treat a variety of health conditions. He currently practices out of two clinics in Toronto, Step Up Massage & Rehab and Lite Mind Body.