Esteena Javier

Evangeline & Farmia

Esteena is a dynamic individual with an exceptionally positive and vibrant energy. Since our initial meeting, I have been captivated by both her persona and her ventures in the fields of beauty and wellness. Esteena leads two dynamic companies in these respective industries, showcasing her visionary capabilities and determination.

Beauty ✨
Evangeline is a Biostimulating Matrix (BSM) A new era of anti-ageing dermal filler that increases volume, regenerates collagen, reduces fine lines and improves skin glow. 

Food Wellness♻️
Farmia is the first hydroponic-based high yield vertical farm in Canada. Our vertical farms are based on proprietary technology that allows for 30x yield compared to traditional farming. 
Farmia represents the future of farming. 
So coooool!