"Alicia is definitely a mentor of mine and someone who I’ve looked up to in the wellness space ever since I began my journey in nutrition more than seven years ago. Not only did she take me under her wing, but she helped to inspire me and support all of my goals and visions within the industry. Alicia has a realistic and approachable style of teaching meditation. If you are new to meditation or if you have struggled with it in the past, Alicia is an incredible teacher and has so much knowledge and education to share with you."


Alicia Mathlin, Founder of Meditation Pusher. I teach the practice of the peaceful and the powerful. My work is an invitation for us to explore the strength of the mind, the infrastructure of the heart, the systems of the body and the energy of the soul; to cultivate our inner resources and to connect these things within, so that we may better understand how we connect to everything.