Liquid Gold Chicken Bone Broth

"Glass jars" are shelf-stable and will explode if frozen. DO NOT FREEZE.

Liquid Gold Chicken Bone Broth is our “OG” RIPE broth. It is created by holistic nutritionists and chefs in our local Toronto kitchen. This metabolism-boosting formula is amazing to increase energy and lose weight. Liquid gold broth can be used as a daily sipping broth, a pre-breakfast addition, or in your favourite recipe.

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Organic, No Preservatives, No additives, Small Batch, Soy-Free, Grass-Fed, Superfood, Adaptogens.

Filtered Water | 100% Organic Chicken Bones | Onion* | Celery* | Carrot* | Turmeric | Thyme | Salt | Apple Cider Vinegar* | Parsley

Please note any ingredient with a * means it is 100% organic.

This broth can be kept on the shelf for 1 year unopened and once opened in the fridge for 1 week. Please not do not store in freezer.

Heat from frozen or liquid in a small pot. Pour 2 cups of hot liquid into insulated bottle or mug. Do not drink cold.

SOUP PHOTOGRAPHY BY @sssssoupsssss