Liquid Gold Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Garlic & Ginger

"Glass jars" are shelf-stable and will explode if frozen. DO NOT FREEZE.



Our classic liquid gold chicken bone broth with added fermented garlic and ginger.

A Sunday Farms collaboration

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Organic, No Preservatives, No additives, Small Batch, Soy-Free, Grass-Fed, Superfood, Adaptogens.

Filtered Water | 100% Pasture Raised Chicken Bones | Onion* | Celery* | Carrot* | Garlic* | Ginger* | Turmeric | Lemon Juice* | Parsley | Thyme | Salt | Apple Cider Vinegar* | Olive Oil* | Black Peppercorn

Please note any ingredient with a * means it is 100% organic.

This broth can be kept on the shelf for 1 year unopened and once opened in the fridge for 1 week. Please not do not store in freezer.

Heat from frozen or liquid in a small pot. Pour 2 cups of hot liquid into insulated bottle or mug. Do not drink cold.

SOUP PHOTOGRAPHY BY @sssssoupsssss