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Recurring Clients: Nutrition & Wellness Subscription Service (Plans Are Charged Weekly)

Meet our in-house Nutritionists

At Ripe our in-house nutritionist Alex takes the first step to improving your health with an initial Nutrition Consultation. Get specialized advice from a professional with one-on-one nutrition coaching. Alex has expertise in in-home cooking, life coaching, and corporate wellness. Alex is deeply committed to educating and supporting individuals on their wellness journeys. After eight successful years in the industry, she is excited to resume her nutrition coaching and consulting services. As part of our approach, we recommend incorporating nature and movement into our sessions by wearing headphones and sneakers.

To kickstart our collaboration, I offer an optional 15-minute face-to-face virtual video call or over-the-phone nutrition consultation. This allows us to establish a connection and determine the best course of action for your specific needs. Please note that I limit my intake to four clients every eight weeks to ensure personalized attention and support.

Our Nutritionists have unique areas of specialization allowing you to receive the highest level of expertise–one of the reasons why we come highly recommended by our clients.

Our practitioners conduct nutritional counselling in various Canadian provinces. For more information, visit each practitioner profile.

You will be required to fill out an initial assessment form prior to the first appointment to help better discuss and prioritize area of concern. During the appointment we will look and examine your health history and current lifestyle patterns.  

Introducing Alex:

Meet Alex
Alexandra is our in-house Holistic Nutritionist!
Some things she focuses on:
1. Holistic Nutrition
2. Life Coaching
3.. Lifestyle Management

Services Listed Below



$200 - 60 MINUTES

  • Our initial consultation will consist of getting to know you and your health concerns or goals. You will be provided with an initial intake.

    Nutrition Consultation with Alexandra provides comprehensive nutrition coaching and consultation services. With an emphasis on lifestyle management, the one-on-one consults offer personalized meal plans and tailored advice to help you reach your nutrition goals.

    Fill out the form before our appointment and we will discuss it in our first appointment along with examining your health history and current lifestyle.

  • A Customized Meal Plan will be made for you tailored to your unique needs and goals. This plan will give you a week of meal suggestions with recipes along with the proper supplement, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

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